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How to Make A Perfect Pom Pom

I love yarn pom poms! They are so fun and easy (not to mention cheap) to make! And with the holidays quickly approaching, you can make a lot of fun diy gifts, or even make little pom poms to make a fun banner, or decorate some presents with.

For this diy you will need some cardboard. It doesn’t have to be too thick, I just used the back off of an old spiral notebook.

Then go ahead and cut two pieces of cardboard into circles. (That are the same size)

Now we need to cut a smaller circle inside. Leaving your cardboard to look like a thick letter C.

Then take your yarn of choice and start wrapping it around both pieces of cardboard. I like to wrap my yarn nice and thick to make really poofy pom poms.

Once you are done wrapping the yarn (and have trimmed the yarn still connected to the yarn ball) take your scissors and cut the yarn between both pieces of cardboard. You will need to lay it all flat as you are cutting the middle so all the little pieces don’t fall.

Once all the yarn is cut take a piece of yarn (however long you want your tail to be) and wrap it around right where you had just cut. Pull the yarn tight and knot it.

Then take your pom pom and fluff it up. Take your scissors and start to trim your pom pom so it is a nice round even shape.

And there you go! Super simple and fun.

I’d love to hear what fun crafts you have made/ plan to make with pom poms!


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