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My Top 5 Tips for a Smooth Homeschool Morning

While we have admittedly been “officially” homeschooling for under a year, I wanted to take a second to share with you all the few things we have learned (through trial and error!) That have made our mornings run significantly smoother!

1.) Getting dressed and ready for the day.

Yes, I know one of the perks of school at home is pjs all day. (And on sick days I am super grateful for that ability!) However I found our mindset is a lot more focused when we get dressed right after waking up.

2.) Be flexible.

This is honestly one of the biggest benefits of homeschooling that I personally struggle with taking advantage on. Being able to go off of your child’s moods and energy levels minimizes fights and maximizes genuine interest in learning. I’ve struggled with wanting to follow plans/schedules I set to a T, and somedays it’s just not realistic. Taking time for wiggle breaks (even for adults!) Helps so much!

3.) Review your lesson plan the night before.

I know this sounds obvious, but when I first started I would plan out by the week, and assume I would remember everything. And while I still try to plan week by week, it helps the day run much smoother when I double check I have everything I need in place. (Nothings worse than wasting their prime attention time searching for scissors to an other wise well put together lesson!)

4.) Having a quick healthy breakfast as soon as possible.

There were a couple times the kids seemed ready to go as soon as they woke up. So I figured we could have breakfast afterwards- only to have to stop our schooling half way through to feed some pretty hangry kiddos.

Now if it feels appropriate to get started sooner, I will read to them while they are eating, or play their educational songs. (The curriculum we use includes several such as days of the week, letter sounds ECT)

5.) Set the tone.

We try to always start the day with prayers (or you can meditate/think positive thoughts) an encouraging bible verse, and a positive quote.

We all have those days, no matter what route you choose for education. The more positivity and life we can breathe into the day, the better!

Side note- no matter how hard we try, the day can sometimes just start off on the wrong foot. The best way we have found to press the reset button is put on some silly songs and have a dance party or literally just going for a walk around the block. Some fresh air and movement can do wonders for a day that feels to be going down hill fast.

I’d love to hear any tips and tricks you have found along the way to make your homeschooling day go smoothly!


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